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Celestial Moth

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The beauty of nature captured in the wings of a moth. 

Overtime, the backing magnet can leave a mark in the leather due to pressure. 

Please note that the moth is not black as it appears in the first two images. Refer to the last 3 images for a more accurate colour depiction. 

Length of moth: 25mm

Height of moth: 15mm

This magnet is designed with 2 pieces of magnets rather than 1. Please refer to information below and image. This will add slightly more height when the magnet is in place. 

Diameter of magnet attached to moth: 9.5mm

Thickness of magnet attached to moth: approx. 1mm 

Diameter of main magnet: 9.5mm

Thickness of main magnet: 3mm

Designer shop name: PaperJamLab